How to choose a bike

First of all, you need to think very carefully about where and on what kind of terrain do you want to ride a bike?

This is a very important question that every person should ask themselves when choosing a bicycle.

Types of bikes according to the terrain can be divided into:

  •  Unpaved roads, terrain - Mountain bikes
  • Prepared cycle paths, forest paths, small terrain - cross-country, trekking and mountain bikes
  • Asphalt roads, modified cycle paths
    • HOBBY – cross-country, trekking and mountain bikes
    • SPORT – road bikes
  • City - city and trekking bikes
  • Frame and wheel size

Frame height – usually given in inches. To convert to centimeters, the coefficient of inches * 2.54 = frame height in cm is used. A table with the geometry for the given product can be found with the product

Wheel size - for mountain bikes, we divide 3 sizes of front and rear wheels. Each of them has its own specific characteristics and is important in steering and controlling the bike:

  • 29" – easier passage over bumps, higher acceleration and maximum speed. Designed primarily for men.
  • 27.5" – smaller wheel diameter, therefore driving especially uphill is easier, the bike is more nimble and agile in the terrain. Intended for smaller people, women and juniors.
  • 26” – These days it is mainly used as a transition bike from juniors.
  • 24" - inch wheel small.

Mountain bikes

  • They are an ideal choice especially for off-road and unpaved country roads. Definitely don't expect great speed on a groomed bike path or road, but you will certainly reach your desired destination.
  • The frame tubes are stronger compared to other types of bikes. Thanks to the frame lightening, even lower weights can be achieved than with e.g. cross-country bikes
  • Fork with a lift of 100 mm for safe passage on any terrain
    • Air fork - most ideal for off-road riding. Accurate and fast. The possibility of user settings according to the needs of the rider. With a rider weight over 80kg , an air fork is recommended
    • Spring fork - suitable for ACTIVE - HOBBY driving style models
  • As a rule, equipped with wider wheels 2.1 / 2.25
  • The brakes are ideally hydraulic, disc. They enable precise dosing of braking force according to the rider's needs. Mechanical disc brakes can also be used, but the braking power is not as strong. You need to be more careful when using the brakes
  • A subcategory of mountain bikes is full-suspension bikes. Full-suspension bicycles are the ideal choice for comfortable off-road riding. As a rule, it should be equipped with an air fork and a shock absorber.
    Road bikes
  • Intended only and only for the road or modified cycle path
  • Suitable for very long rides
  • The handlebars allow the choice of many positions according to the rider's needs
  • They are equipped with the largest number of teeth on the converter to achieve the highest speeds
  • New with hydraulic disc brakes for better distribution of braking power
  • Very narrow tires for fast driving and as little rolling resistance as possible

Cross-country bikes – Trekking bikes

  • Large diameter wheels and narrow, fast tires
  • Large gear ratio for achieving the highest speeds
  • Low fork lift ( 60mm ) for overcoming simple obstacles on dirt roads
  • The largest range of use – from unpaved roads to the city
  • The main difference lies in the equipment of the bike. Unlike a cross-country bike, a trekking bike is fully equipped – mudguards, carrier, lighting, stand, dynamo hub or dynamo, etc.
  • Ideal for everyday use

City bikes

  • As a rule, equipped with a low entry
  • Trekking or folding bikes are often counted among city bikes
  • The main features are the equipment of the bike (reflectors, lights, carrier , mudguards, etc.), smooth tires and a fork with a low lift, 
    or a fixed fork
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