Invoicing data - company headquarters

Frike s.r.o., Práčská 1881/14, Záběhlice, 106 00 Prague

ID number: 17234247

Bank connection:

* We do not provide a personal collection service at the company headquarters at this address.

Central warehouse, shipment of goods

Freak sro, Zámecké náměstí no. 4, 571 01 Moravská Třebová

Product information, complaints, order statuses

Phone: +420 775 715 090

Email addresses:



Orders :


Exclusive dealer for the Czech Republic:

headquarters : PCNET group as, U malvazinky 21670/30, 150 00 Prague-5

IČO: 28487362 VAT number : CZ28487362

PCNET group as, Lanškrounská 32, 571 01 Moravská Třebová


Address for sending complaints:

PCNET group as, Lanškrounská 32, 571 01 Moravská Třebová

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