About us

FRIKE is a young brand with a range of quality electric bikes, mountain bikes, cycling jerseys, helmets and other accessories. We aim to grow alongside our satisfied customers, which is why we focus on high quality client service in the long term. We strive to constantly improve and look for more things we can do to make our world a better place. With a vision to make quality e-bikes available at an affordable price, we are working towards a common mission to make everyday commuting easy, fast, ecological and fun. Our values are joy, diversity, community, sustainability. We want ecological transport to be available to everyone.
Here at FRIKE, we know very well how many problems the daily commute to work, school or shopping can be. Delays and overcrowding of means of transport, traffic jams, inability to park and expensive transport costs. We've probably all experienced equally unpleasant moments. However, there are ways to free yourself from the tedious commute that drains our precious time and energy. That's why FRIKE is here, so you can love the way you ride. Join us on an electric bike and start a healthier lifestyle. Become part of the sustainable movement and unlock freedom on two wheels! Wherever you are going, ride with FRIKE.
From the moment you purchase a FRIKE e-bike or mountain bike, you become part of our growing and diverse community. We also build long-term relationships with our customers on social networks. We regularly prepare special FRIKE offers for you, news and interesting things from the world of e-bikes, or perhaps tips for exceptional trips. Join us! We are FRIKE

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